what we bring to the table

We are a diverse, multidisciplinary studio combining ancient artforms with emergent technology

Concept & Creative Development


We like to be involved right at the start of something, designing bold and emotive artwork in response to your ideas.

We want to work collaboratively, to ensure our work is aligned with your intentions and aspirations for the show.

Video & Content Production


There is no defined approach to a project; our 'house style' is attention to detail.

Drawing on years of experience, every tool in our studio is available to you, from hand drawn animation to bleeding-edge real-time workflows.

Iterative design, building progressive layers of complexity into our work with regular feedback from our clients and collaborators is key to our content creation process.



We don't just make content, we are intimately involved in every stage of the process.

Technological development informs our practice and our practice regularly pushes the limits of the technology.

We want to deliver the most impactful, emotive and memorable show possible. Be it a single strip of LED in a public space, bespoke projection mapping across a set or building or a stadium sized stage design, we understand how our content will be received and will be there every step of the way to support you in delivering it.

we use technology in service of creativity

We use a wide range of tools to help realise our creative goals, we have established long standing relationships with technologists and leading entertainment technology suppliers.

We work closely with Disguise & Notch to develop new, show specific, solutions to creative challenges, allowing us to constantly be pushing boundaries in our field.